Blue Llama CBD Therapeutic Cream is a rejuvenating combination of carefully selected botanical ingredients and vitamins, combined with 250 mg. Full Spectrum CBD Oil to provide a natural, soothing relief for targeting specific areas of the body.

Directions: Liberally apply Blue Llama CBD Cream on sore or strained areas of the body. Massage into the skin. Saturates skin nicely. Will not stain clothing and does not leave an oily or sticky residue.  100% natural ingredients, non-toxic and can relieve a wide arraay of ailments like arthritus, sore muscles, athletic injuries, "tech neck".  Reduces inflammation and increases circulation.  Saturates quickly for quick relief.  Also good for many types of dermititis, abrasions, wounds and dry, cracked feet and hands.


2 oz. CBD Cream 250 mg